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There are only two forms of drinking water available on the planet today.  They are "altered" water and "natural" water.  "Natural" means positively charged and there are very few positively charged drinking waters on the market today.  Spring Water Supreme is the only one that is positively charged in all 11 ways as described below.

Altered Water:  Altered water is the chlorinated water that many people drink straight from the tap as well as most bottled and "spring" waters.  Water which does not create healing miracles in people's lives are technologically changed waters that have no resemblance to natural water found in the environment. Even more than creating no benefit, altered waters can even harm people by altering the natural state of water throughout the body, since the body is 75% water. Water consumed daily is what establishes the functional properties of water throughout the body.

Altered water mimics allopathic medicine which introduces altered substances to control the body in order to fight disease.  Altered water products are similar to toxic drugs which are used to kill a disease.  This is entirely different from natural substances that support all systems of the body that create good health.

Altered water bares no resemblance to water found in nature.  "Transformed" natural water is an optimization of the functional properties found in the most life supporting water created in the environment.

Natural Water:  Spring Water Supreme is a transformed natural water.  It is produced in the same way in which the laws of nature operate and then are optimized to turn ordinary clean drinking water into a magic healing water. This drinking water is the same perfect water that nature makes but which is very rare today because of modern world conditions.

Positive Properties of Water:  There are 11 positive properties of water and Spring Water Supreme is positive in all 11 of them. There is no other water product from any other company that is positive in all 11.

1.  Super Conductivity- There are super conductive effects in Spring Water Supreme that cause cell to cell communication via photons to be much faster and more efficient.

2.  High Bovis Rating-  A left spin of the electrons in the water molecule is considered positive.  The higher the speed of the left direction spin, the higher the Bovis Rating yielding more vital and alive water quality.

3.  Hydrogen Bonding- All water is either structured or unstructured, which establishes whether or not Hydrogen atoms connect the water molecules together or not. Spring Water Supreme is a structured water that allows hydrogen bonding which permits all bio-chemical activities to be maintained at their highest level to support life.

4.  Low Surface Tension-  Low surface tension is healthy because it allows for the increased absorption of nutrients through the gut and by the cells.

5.  Alkaline pH- Water that has been structured with hydrogen bonding and has trace amounts of colloidal minerals will have an Alkaline pH, balancing the whole body pH.

6.  High Electrical Conductivity- Water that has Super Conductive properties and trace amounts of colloidal suspended minerals will demonstrate a higher level of electrical flow, which is an indicator of inherent vitality.

7.  Positive Polarity-  Structured water that is highly positivity in numerous ways yields an overall positive polarity causing the flushing of all toxins and pathogens from the body.  Almost all other sources of drinking water have a negative polarity.

8.  Available Oxygen- Positive Polarity enhances the Oxygen/Hydrogen molecular angle which results in water that releases much more oxygen to the cells of the body.

9.  Free Hydrogen Electrons- Water is one of the most effective free radical scavengers when there are abundant free hydrogen electrons in solution. This is a function of hydrogen bonding that's contained in Spring Water Supreme.

10.  Positive EMF Signature-  Everything water has been exposed to leaves an electromagnetic frequency signature which, in modern times, exposes the body to a multitude of life damaging frequencies.  Negative frequencies are always associated with cancer, while positive ones are always associated with excellent health.

11.  Bio-Photon Exchange- One of the most important mechanisms for cell to cell communication involves the transmission of photons.  Highly charged, positive Spring Water Supreme provides this input of photons to the cells.

Don't compromise your standard of drinking water.  Drink water that is equivalent to the glacial run off water high in the Himalayas of Hunza Land and the sacred Native American artesian springs in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  Only 1 tablespoon of Spring Water Supreme added to a gallon of any clean water source will give you the best water your body craves for. 

You can have all this and at an extremely reasonable price!   Available in 16.9 ounce plastic bottles that contain 40 tablespoons of Spring Water Supreme which will treat 40 gallons of water!  Use in all your cooking, coffee, tea, and bring in bulk to your athletic workouts.  It's great to use with anything

This product is not from Big Bear Mountain, Lake Arrowhead, Belmont Shores, Palomar Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Iceland, Crystal Lake, New York, Wissahickon, Vermont, Ozarka or Poland. Canada's great Alpine Canadian pure spring water companies. Spring Water Supreme is a U.S. based company and is distributed throughout America and worldwide. Best bottled spring water.

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