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Water Additives

Additives are used in water for various purposes, each having its own course and goal. For example, some additives are used to increase the foam content in fire fighting equipments, while others are considered for decreasing the same (defoamers). Even there, some coagulants are inorganic, while there are those that are organic. Then there are dry polymers and liquid polymers to do their respective jobs.

Additives are used also to control odor and taste. Eco-friendly microbes play their roles too in the treatment of water. To name a few more, mention may be made of flocculants (anionic & cationic) for their respective role as water additives.

Genital Warts Removal

Genital Warts Removal has assumed great importance these days because of the nature of the virus that causes it and its huge spread.  Genital warts today have taken the proportion of forest fire, a health hazard suffered by millions of Americans, both male and female. The biggest problem in curing genital warts is the lack of knowledge in identifying the disease. It goes away as easily as it appears, the virus joyfully living within the system, flaring up only when situation so arises.

Ground Breaking new Water Additive

An innovative totally new ready-to-use water-like composition by the name of Fiber-Water has emerged in recent times. It is actually a fortified fiber-water that has encapsulations of diverse water-soluble particles having properties to enhance the taste of the water, mask disagreeable odor and/or color. It even has controlled release applications in the form of safe drinking water.

Besides, the composition ensures perfect hydration while providing soluble fiber. It also has the ability to target specific health goals such as&ldots;
(a). Weight loss
(b). Diabetes;
(c). Cholesterol/heart conditions
(c). Gastrointestinal tract disorders
(d). Osteoporosis
(d). Cancer
(e). Pain management.

Apart from all that, it imparts good shelf-life to bottled water and may be treated as a dietary supplement.

Genital warts reportedly cannot be ever eradicated. The virus usually remains dormant for years before suddenly being triggered by health problems. The above problems when and if they arise, have thus a good chance of re-activating the dormant warts virus.

Additives or Surfactants used in Water for Fire Fighting

Some additives or surfactants added to water play a vital role in fire fighting. Especially in the case of timber fire, where large areas are involved. Apart from the loss by fire, high levels of toxins that are produced by the fire destroy both flora and fauna over extensive regions. These additives are claimed to have properties that include decreased water requirements for fighting the fire. They reduce the surface tension of water, thus breaking the water into smaller droplets, resulting in more surface area being exposed to the fire. The surfactants are also believed to control the toxic effects of the fire.

Additives used as Wetting Agents for Cooling Systems

Water additives have other utilities as well. Modern high compression car engines need coolants in place of plain water. Some additives (wetting agents) when added to a coolant are said have properties that reduce the coolant temperature by more than 30 degree F. Besides, they resist rust and corrosion to a fairly high measure. In fact, they provide much better heat transfer properties than standard glycol based products.


Use water additives as a cooling agent or to cool off genital warts. The utilities of water additives are many.

Bottled Water, Spring Water



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